How AltMo can help
We are more than just a simple analytics suite.

Public Transport

Public transport operators can opt in for exclusive access to rich GTFS compliant dashboards that help manage first/last mile connectivity to mainline modes.

Urban Governance

Planning agencies can opt in for exclusive access to ride GIS data that will enable you to identify priority routes for infrastructure investments. You can also create challenges and run programs to incentivise people to switch to sustainable mobility.

Corporate Sustainability

If you are a corporate looking for an ESG dashboard get in touch with us to know how you can track your transportation footprint using the dashboard.

Podium for sustainability
A leaderboard where everyone wins.

AltMo operates on five broad tiers of comparison. The base action of Sustainable Mobility is what is common amongst them. Compete as an individual or part of your organisation, you can check how you stack up against others across these tiers.






The AltMo Ambassadorship
Want to promote sustainable mobility at your workplace?

We have a special role for you. AltMo ambassadors are our super users who will champion the cause of sustainable mobility within their organisation.

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